Au Milieu

The story of an 18 year old's year out in London.

aoicolour and I were walking behind our guide, down the road that snaked beside the bay, and chatted about what he had said. He had told us two stories - one scientific, one from myth - and we were discussing which one had informed us more; the scientific one, which described how geological forces had cracked the lava fields 60 millions years ago to form the distinctive columns, or the myth, which was created by men in the 1850s. The myth was the story of Finn the giant, and how he had built his causeway to kill a rival giant. I thought the myth told me about how humans always insist on explaining phenomenon, but Aoi leaned more towards the scientific story, and how it factually outlined what had happened. However, what we both agreed on was this - that both the scientific story and the myth were as abstract as each other, and although the science was true and factual, it was as incompressible as the size of the Universe

Rands idea of selfishness, that it is required in a society that doesn’t ‘leech’ of the state and where individuals look after themselves, ignores the basic truth of humans - that they are social animals, and rely on others to make it through the chaos of life. We never just look after ourselves - we look after friends, family and neighbours every day, both financially and other wise. Accusing people of ‘leeching’ of the state if they are on benefits ignores the platform which benefits provide for people who often wouldn’t survive any other way. Rand would have these people rot in the streets.

The gym is a really modern phenomenon. We sit around on sofas watching netflix so much that we need a special room for exercise, where all our aesthetic and physical needs are conveniently, efficiently met. This isn’t all bad of course - at least we still value exercise, but our pre-historic ancestors would be completely incredulous at our inactive society. Thousands of years ago, Man had to fight, day after day after day, for survival, and had to adapt to his surroundings. I wonder if humans are still adapting? I suppose we are adapting all the time to different environments in small ways - different jobs, communities, people - but not to different ecological habitats. It’s testament to our bloody brilliant ability to create and innovate that we now enjoy such comfort. But not everyone enjoys these. Many people still struggle to survive even when the few have so much.

1800 dead
9000 injured



today not only marks the start of the Great War but also 100 years since the fall of the British empire. im not sad about this - the empire oppressed millions of people. It’s a reminder. A reminder that power slips away from the holder and that men who think they have everything can loose it and be left crying.

The Wiseguys - Ooh La La (Official Video)

great mixing this up

the aged people in my life lecture about ‘stages’ - childhood/teenage years/uni/20s/marriage/middle age etc..

bollocks to it

… but im in between two of these

hence the blog name

nearly not in school now, not in uni but going.

1 year and a blog to record it. welcome